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   Avarice  (2012)
Title Clip Full Length
Avarice (click the buy it now button to preview)
The Recruit
Into The Void

   Grand Scale Crisis (2010)
The best heavy hitting progressive metal that Evolution has to offer yet!

Title Clip Full Length
As We Fall Apart
Fire In My Eyes Play 
Draw The Line Play 
Through The Deception
Pulverize Play 
House Of Cards Play 
Silent Scream
Hard Times
Lust For Power
Lessons Of Yesterday

   Enemy Of State (2005)
Title Clip Full Length
The Fire Inside Play 
Fear Fall Away
Ashamed Play 
Vengeance Calling Play 
Enemy Of State
Kick The Sky
In The Light
Ala Hard Core
Pagan's Cry
Unglued Play 
Sensing The Fear
On My Way

   No Escape (2000)
Title Clip Full Length
Out Of Nowhere
Green Machine (ZX-12)
Questions For You
We Need Money
No Escape
Future Land

OUT OF PRINT, SPECIAL ORDER ONLY No Escape is a seven song CD showcasing Evolution's oldest original music. All songs were written together by Evolution and was produced mixed and engineered by Eric Tebo. Mastered at Flood Productions Scotia NY. No Escape does not reflect Evolution's current song styles since the current music has evolved into a more modern progressive metal sound. There has been a very positive response to the C.D.s from the public, which has resulted in sales by retailers and at live shows. Supplies are limited, so be sure to get your copies soon! All songs Copyright 2000-2010 Flood Productions

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