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  Eric Tebo

Instruments: Lead guitar, 6 string, 7 string, 12 string, backup vocals

Previous Projects: Changing Society, Senseless Destruction, Suspended Animation, Cold Gin, Triax, Nemisis, Mysthaven, Armor, and other various recording projects.

Equipment: vintage 30 watt Marshall 4X12 speaker cabinets, ADA MP2 tube processor, Nady 501 dual channel wireless guitar transmitter, Marshall stereo power amp, Digitech 2101 valve guitar processor, Dime Bag signature pickup, Dean signature Rusty Moon 7 string, 40th anniversary Fender Strat with Texas special pickups, B.C. Rich, E.S.P., Kramer Berretta, Charvell Jackson, EVH Charvell Black and Yellow stripe series and other various effects and processing gear.

Previous Performances: Dina's, Austin Motel, Mother's, Happy Trails, Bogie's, Leson's, Saratoga Winners, Rock 'n Roll Cafe, Old Allen's, The Silo, New Life Auditorium, Park West (Northern Lights), Felicia's, Roadhouse, The Lime Light (Manhattan), Sportsworld, The Riverhouse, The Glenville Spot,Jillian's, Savannah's and various other parties and events.

Hobbies: Audio and video production and engineering, sound and lighting en

  Ben Hall

Instrument: Drums

Previous Projects: Murderer's Row, Bent, Boar Tusk.

Equipment: Tama Drums, Paiste Cymbals, Remo Drumheads, Pro-Mark Sticks.

Previous performances: Bogies, Chameleons, Trickshots, Dublins, Savannahs, Valentines, The Old Station Inn, Pauly's Hotel, Austin Motel, Mother's, Happy Trails, Bogie's, Saratoga Winners, Rock 'n Roll Cafe, Old Allen's, Park West (Northern Lights), Felicia's Roadhouse, Sportsworld, The Riverhouse, The Glenville Spot, Jillian's, Savannah's and many other events/venues

Influences: Neil Peart, Alex Van Halen, Mike Portnoy

Hobbies: Snakes

  Dan Zullo

Instrument: 5 string bass

Previous projects:
Chronic Disorder, Silence, Evolution (2005-2011), Aqueduct Pocket, Relaxed Atmosphere, Third World Lover, Bad Rehab, and BandKamp.

Amplification system on loan from the C.I.A. sleep deprivation program.
Ibanez 5 string basses. Wood came from the walls of the Amityville horror house.
Strings and electronics are recycled metal from the USS Eldridge (Philadelphia Experiment).
Custom picks made from the melted toys of orphans.

Previous performances:
The infamous Saratoga Winners and QE2. Too many clubs to remember while kicking around the dirty south with the band Silence.

Dan had no music schooling or any lessons. He was shot in the head at the age of 15, and after a lengthy recovery was suddenly able to play bass.

Cliff Burton, Iron Maiden, Primus, Infectious Grooves, Jaco Pastorius, and Frank Zappa.


  Dan Higgins

Instrument: Vocals

Previous projects:
Mad Loot, The Merciless,
Scythe of Dante,
Scourge, Ematoma,
And Utero Dominae

Previous performances:
Valentines, Savannah's, Tumbleweeds,
The Upper Deck, The Chance,
The Loft, Chameleons, Pittsfield, MA.
Trick Shots, Bogies.

Influences :
Sepultura, Metallica, War Time Manner,
Cannibal Corpse, Pantera, SJR,
King Parrot, Slayer, Judas Priest,
Lamb of God, Machine Head, Megadeth,
Morbid Angel, Nile, Ozzy, Rush,
Iron Maiden, Chimajra, Decapitated,
Death and all the local Metal bands
here in Upstate NY and back in VA Beach.

Metal, Writing Lyrics & Music,
Family & Friends, Boating,
Fishing, Travel, Exploring
and Researching.

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